Our Staff

  • Lee Droppelman - President/Principal Scientist

    Lee Droppelman Since joining Eco-Tech in 1998, Mr. Droppelman has conducted numerous projects dealing with threatened & endangered terrestrial and aquatic species, ecosystem assessment, stream/wetland jurisdictional determination, 404/401 permitting, and restoration design. He is responsible for planning and coordinating with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and various state agencies. Mr. Droppelman holds a federal collection license for over 50 listed species from more than 20 eastern states. He is proficient in the identification of all eastern bats and is an expert in the biology of aquatic fauna (including fish, invertebrates, and mollusks). Additionally, he has professional interest in the correlation of aquatic assemblage to river geomorphology, restoration of aquatic habitats, restoration/enhancement of bottomland forested wetlands, wetland functional assessment, and ecological impact/risk determination. Mr. Droppelman directs all agency formal consultations and is proficient in the determination of effect and development of cost-effective/scientifically-sound minimization, avoidance, and mitigation measures to offset potential project impacts.
  • Scott A. Slankard – Senior Ecologist

    Scott A. Slankard Mr. Slankard has been with Eco-Tech since the spring of 2005 and has a solid background in wildlife biology, ecology, botany, wetland/stream delineation and restoration, and GIS (ArcView). His regular duties include surveys for various species of threatened and endangered flora and fauna, jurisdictional waters determinations, botanical, small mammal, reptile, and amphibian surveys. Mr. Slankard has performed numerous surveys for federally threatened and endangered plants and bats. He is accomplished in several bat survey techniques, including mist netting, harp trapping, radio-tagging, tracking, emergence counts, ANABAT deployment and data analysis. Additionally, he regularly coordinates the development and implementation of native vegetation planting and monitoring strategies for stream and wetland restoration projects. Mr. Slankard has prepared several technical documents, including annual reporting of vegetation monitoring at Eco-Tech's wetland and stream mitigation sites. He is knowledgeable in many ecological disciplines, but his main interests lie in native flora and botanicals.
  • Rick Larsen – Senior Ecologist

    Rick Larsen Mr. Larsen is a Senior Ecologist and project manager in the Eco-Tech Louisville office. He leads the stream and wetland management practice, managing projects that range from wetland delineation to 401/404 permitting to complete design, construction, and monitoring of stream and wetland mitigation sites. Mr. Larsen has experience in mitigation bank planning and permitting, natural stream channel design, regulatory agency coordination, and construction oversight. He has a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia School of Environmental Design and extensive training and certifications, including Rosgen I-IV, soil erosion control, interagency consultation, and delineation methods for jurisdictional determination.
  • Maggie Burton – Operations Manager

    Ms. Burton manages the company operations, including the office administration, corporate business, accounting, and marketing functions. She has over 20 years experience in office management and bookkeeping.

Eco-Tech hires interns, technicians, and contractors as needed to meet project needs. Send inquiries and resumes to us through our Contact page http://www.ecotechinc.com/contact .