Careers with Eco-Tech Consultants

Do you have an ingrained desire to work in, restore, protect, and steward our land’s natural resources? If so then you are just like us, a dedicated team of professionals who are avid about the wild places that surround us. At Eco-Tech Consultants, you could work with a diverse, committed group of ecologists and land management practitioners in the following disciplines: Natural Areas Planning and Design, Habitat Management, Ecological Assessment, Forestry, Permitting, and Land Conservation. Our multi-disciplinary teams utilizes their combined expertise in biological sciences, natural history, and applied ecology; combined with practical experience, regulatory understanding, and the latest technological applications; to develop solutions to complex natural resource issues.

At Eco-Tech, employees enjoy a mix of field based data collection and document preparation in a traditional office setting. You will have the support to focus on a specialty at Eco-Tech with training and focused experience, while given the opportunity to explore multiple areas of practice. Eco-Tech has been providing biological assessment and ecosystem analysis services for over 25 years. We are a mid-sized firm with offices in Louisville, Kentucky and Marietta, Georgia. We have a wide variety of exciting and fulfilling projects across the eastern U.S. See below for specific opportunities.

Careers with Eco Tech Consultants Careers with Eco Tech Consultants Careers with Eco Tech Consultants Careers with Eco Tech Consultants Careers with Eco Tech Consultants Careers with Eco Tech Consultants Careers with Eco Tech Consultants
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1016-1 Senior Ecologist Louisville, KY 10+ View Details Apply
1016-2 Terrestrial Ecologist Louisville, KY 3-10 Position Filled Position Filled
1016-3 Landscape Designer/Architect Louisville, KY 5-10 Position Filled Position Filled
1016-4 Restoration Team Leader Louisville, KY 2-7 View Details Apply
1016-5 Terrestrial Ecologist Marietta, GA 3+ Position Filled Position Filled
1016-6 Aquatic Ecologist Marietta, GA 5+ View Details Apply
1016-7 Stream/Wetland Ecologist Marietta, GA 5+ View Details Apply
1016-8 Land Conservation Specialist Marietta, GA 10+ Position Filled Position Filled
N/A General Unsolicited Applications* N/A N/A Apply

* Eco-Tech will accept applications for future hiring needs, but makes no commitment to respond or hire from these unsolicited submissions. Please submit general applications here