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Watershed Science

Eco-Tech provides services in watershed science and management, using the integrated process of assessing the watershed issues and needs, developing solutions, organizing these solutions into a prioritized plan, implementing the plan, and monitoring progress to revise the plan and continue to be effective.

Our understanding of the science of waterways, applicable regulations, and land management practices gives us a solid basis for our assessment, but technical knowledge is not always sufficient to develop a workable plan. Many times, there are key stakeholders in the watershed that have a variety of interests. We have experience organizing diverse groups to address watershed issues, as well as informing the general public to foster support, using clear and understandable communication.

Specific services that Eco-Tech offers include models and mapping to estimate the amount of runoff and pollutant loads; stream surveys to identify improper discharges, sediment accumulation, high-quality habitat, and other important features; design of Best Management Practices to prevent, not just treat, pollutants in the watershed at their source (including Green Infrastructure techniques such as bioretention/rain gardens); in-stream practices such as bank stabilization with natural materials (bioengineering); and monitoring of water quality and flow in streams, lakes, rivers, wetlands, and stormwater systems.

Watershed science services spotlight:

  • Watershed Assessment
  • Watershed Planning
  • Public Information and Education
  • Grant application and administration
  • Stormwater management with green infrastructure/low-impact design