Ecological Inventory

Expertise Areas

Our biologists are experienced in field and laboratory assessment methodologies necessary to fulfill a wide array of aquatic and terrestrial assessment needs. We have conducted numerous studies conforming to United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Protocols and individual state methodologies for the determination of biotic integrity.


Aquatic Resources

From macroinvertebrates to mussels, our staff regularly employs innovative strategies learned from years of “getting our feet wet.” However, innovative methodology is useless without equipment. Eco-Tech possesses a variety specialized equipment, including fish backpack electroshockers, utility river vessels, fully-equipped laboratory, various seines and nets, water quality multi-parameter probes and chemical kits, sediment ponar samplers, commercial dive arrangements, and much more.

Aquatic services spotlight:

Expertise Areas

  • Assessment of instream habitat
  • Determination of geomorphic stability
  • Macroinvertebrate sampling and identification
  • Fish studies
  • Impingement estimates
  • Freshwater mussel surveys
  • Large river benthic substrate sampling
  • Scuba and snorkel visual assessments
  • Instream flow studies
  • Water chemistry testing
  • Aquatic stage amphibian surveys
  • Assemblage health/vigor analysis
  • Biological monitoring of restoration projects
  • Impact/risk assessment

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Terrestrial Resources

Expertise Areas

Eco-Tech has the field knowledge and experience to design and conduct investigations to aid in the determination of listed-species presence/absence through the implementation of various survey methodologies, including mist nets, live/museum traps, pitfalls, track identification, audible/visual surveys, motion photography, and aerial and ground-based radio telemetry.


Terrestrial services spotlight:

Expertise Areas

  • Botanical surveys
  • Invasive species control plans and removal
  • Quantitative vegetation community monitoring
  • Vegetation indices
  • Small mammal trapping
  • Herpetological surveys and trapping
  • Bird point counts
  • Migratory nest searches
  • Bat mist netting, trapping, telemetry
  • Migration/foraging mapping
  • Habitat assessment
  • Cave/abandoned mine exploration
  • Formal Biological Assessment
  • Rare community restoration and management
  • Habitat enhancement plans

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