QA/QC, Project Management, Health and Safety, Technology, Professional Development


While our obvious work products are reports, permit forms, and written communication. Behind the scenes are processes and activities that may not be apparent, but they are the basis for our success. These are the intangible aspects of Eco-Tech Consultants.


Quality control and assurance procedures are developed through experience over the years. The quality process improves our products and saves our clients money. It’s always cheaper to do it right the first time.


Health and Safety

Keeping our employees safe takes planning and equipment, but it pays off in productivity. Of course, we have safety and health regulatory requirements, but we do more than the minimum so that we will all be happy and healthy. Again, our experience prepares us to take precautions to avoid problems.


At Eco-Tech, we have invested in technology that helps us do our work faster, more efficiently, and more accurately. Our field equipment is chosen to work in challenging field conditions. We use communications systems such as web-connected tablets and mobile links to transmit data from the field to office or to clients and coordinating agencies quickly and accurately. It improves communication when both people in a conversation can see the data or photos at the same time.


Our project managers know that excellent technical performance is not enough – the work has to be done on time and on budget and coordinated with our team, clients, and regulatory agencies. At Eco-Tech, we proactively communicate through project status reports, telephone calls, and visits to talk directly. We document our work and can explain it without resorting to inside terminology and acronyms.

Eco-Tech does the intangible work behind the scenes, so that we can perform at our best and keep things moving smoothly.