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Habitat Management

Expertise Areas

Eco-Tech frequently works with government agencies, corporations, non-profit conservation of ecological resources. The scope of habitat projects we have accomplished is vast, from backyard wildlife management to comprehensive vegetation planning for large right-of-way landowners.

Eco-Tech uses a science-based approach that assesses the current state of the water, soil, plants, and animals on the land; then develops an objective for that place in close consultation with the owner/manager and using reference from other area landscapes. We use this ecological objective to develop a plan that will be effective and fit the owner’s schedule and budget.

Increasingly, the control and removal of invasive exotic species is a central issue. Eco-Tech has experience in developing and implementing sound planning tools to eradicate these unwanted species and also replace their vacated niche with appropriate native counterparts. Additionally, we work with several regional and local nursery partners to provide cost-effective implementation planting and removal schemes.

Habitat management services spotlight:

  • Right-of-way habitat management
  • Landowner wildlife management planning
  • Conservation easement drafting and filing
  • Invasive and exotic species management
  • Controlled burn planning and implementation
  • Rare species protection planning
  • Low-impact development strategies
  • Native landscaping consultation