Environmental Permitting

Stream Geomorphic Assessment, Restoration, and Permitting

Terrestrial Ecological Evaluation

In recent years there has been a substantial increase in regulatory attention paid to potential project-related impacts to stream channels, in both perennial and headwater systems. Our diverse skill-base allows us to offer comprehensive services, from instream biological habitat assessment to detailed geomorphic evaluations and restoration design. Our stream experts are Rosgen-trained in various natural channel design methodologies and bioengineering techniques.

Eco-Tech has designed stream restorations for government agencies, consulting engineers, and other private clients as mitigation for stream impacts. Our stream restoration projects integrate assessment, design, implementation, and monitoring phases into a cost-effective overall management strategy. At the heart of our management capabilities is the knowledge and experience to develop multidisciplinary solutions for a variety of morphological, biological, and chemical impairments. To the extent allowable by watershed processes, a successful stream project achieves short and long-term stability, maximum biodiversity, and efficient capital expenditures from the project sponsor.

Eco-Tech scientists have successfully performed stream designs in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, and Tennessee across multiple state and federal jurisdictions.