Public Facilities

Eco-Tech is proud to serve federal, state, and local government agencies. We provide assistance with Endangered Species Management Plans to military facilities, ecological inventories for small and large parklands, and compliance with regulations for multi-use government-managed property. Eco-Tech has been involved in all phases of development within this industry from initial evaluations, public meetings, permitting, monitoring of sensitive resources, and agency permitting.

Given the specific procedure required by government projects, Eco-Tech has worked hard to stay proficient in all aspects of government management directives. We are proud to be respected by regulatory authorities for our scientific ethic and cost-effective solutions to complex issues.

Overview of Services:

  • Habitat assessment and mapping
  • Endangered species surveys and consultation
  • Stream/wetland determination and permitting
  • Ecological and aquatic assessments
  • Aquatic and terrestrial habitat restoration
  • Site screening and feasibility studies
  • Pre-construction avian and bat risk assessment
  • Restoration of sensitive habitats