Municipal and Property Development

As populations continue to grow, the need for housing, commercial space, industrial capacity, and associated utilities becomes an ever-present issue. These activities affect our land and water resources, but those impacts can be minimized, offset with improvements, or even in some cases the overall development can improve the resource. It takes planning and experience to address these impacts and associated regulatory requirements to minimize effects on the overall project schedule and budget.

Eco-Tech has performed a variety of services for developers, site engineers, utility companies, and investment groups. We have completed site surveys, permitting, mitigation, and monitoring for many residential and commercial developments. Our staff are experienced with all phases of the development process and can assist from conceptual planning through construction and operations to provide consistent, timely, quality, cost-effective solutions to all ecological needs.

Overview of Services:

  • Habitat assessment and mapping
  • Endangered species surveys and consultation
  • Stream/wetland determination and permitting
  • Ecological and aquatic assessments
  • Aquatic and terrestrial habitat restoration
  • Site screening and feasibility studies
  • Construction supervision
  • Open/green space planning
  • Low-impact design