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Energy and Infrastructure

The demand for cost-effective energy sources in today’s ever-progressing economy has led to rapid development of alternative fuel source facilities and ongoing capital reinvestment in traditional energy infrastructure and capacity. In each case, licensing agencies all require the consideration of potential impacts to ecological resources. From initial site studies to long-term monitoring, Eco-Tech has an established record of achievement in assisting our energy and infrastructure clients in accomplishing their project goals. We frequently contract with entities servicing hydroelectric facilities, coal generation plants, wind power projects, natural gas/petroleum transmission lines and stations, and a variety of appurtenant industries.

Overview of Services:

  • Site screening and feasibility studies
  • Endangered species surveys and consultation (bat, avian, vegetation, etc)
  • Pre-construction avian and bat risk assessment
  • Post-construction monitoring and mortality determination
  • Migration corridor mapping
  • Habitat assessment and mapping
  • Stream/wetland determination and permitting
  • Aquatic and terrestrial habitat restoration
  • Natural resource inventories
  • Ecological assessments
  • Wildlife management
  • Habitat enhancement plans
  • Aquatic assessments
  • Mussel/fish surveys and impact assessment
  • Integrated vegetation management planning for right-of-ways
  • NEPA, CEAA, and FERC documentation support